[rescue] Need any "old" tape media?

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Thu Dec 7 19:28:22 CST 2006

On 7 Dec 2006, at 21:22, Patrick Finnegan wrote:
> I've got a stack of 8mm (doesn't mention a size, a mix of Verbatim  
> data
> tapes, and Sony and Fuji video tapes), 4mm DDS1 (both 60M and 90M),  
> and
> DLT3 tapes at work which we're getting set to throw away... the DDS/ 
> 8mm
> tapes have some data on them, and will be degaussed... the DLT3's are
> unused, from several years ago.

I've also got about 50 QIC and 60 DDS tapes in the UK that I want  
shot of. I'd prefer to get a few beer tokens for them, but if the  
best offer is to haul them away, I'll probably take it...

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