[rescue] Sun Netra = Ultra 2?

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Thu Dec 7 18:45:02 CST 2006

On Thu, 7 Dec 2006, John Francini wrote:

> Actually, Car & Driver magazine recently (within the past couple of
> years) did some 0-150-0 tests, and considers that the new 'speed
> benchmark' for exotic cars.

With a steam catapult and a brick wall, just about any car can look 
impressive doing the 0-150-0 test.  Does that make an old '74 Pinto 
wagon (seafoam green, with woodgrain!) an "exotic" car?  :-)

-- Skeez

(Hey, I'm not knocking the engineering marvel that was the Ford Pinto.  A 
lot of those silly fiberglass kit cars were built on that chassis since it 
had the right wheelbase to make your faux "concept car" look as sleek as a 
Lamborghini - never mind that it still _sounded_ like a rattly old 

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