[rescue] Sun Netra = Ultra 2?

John Francini francini at mac.com
Thu Dec 7 15:51:55 CST 2006

Actually, Car & Driver magazine recently (within the past couple of  
years) did some 0-150-0 tests, and considers that the new 'speed  
benchmark' for exotic cars.
Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any info about that on their web  
site, and I'm not in front of my C/D magazine collection at the  
moment.  If I remember, I'll try to post something from that issue if  
anyone's interested.


On 7 Dec 2006, at 16:34, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

> Steve Hatle writes ...
>> On 12/7/06 2:45 PM, "Sandwich Maker" wrote:
>>> i remember a comedian's great line - i don't want a car
>>> that talks, i want a car that -listens-!
>> That goes along with "I don't care about the time it takes to
>> go from 0 to
>> 60. When I see a cop I'm worried how fast I can get from 90 to 60!"
> In the distant and less-environmentally-sensitive past, Aston-Martin
> advertisements used to feature a 0-100-0 [MPH] time.  IIRC, it was  
> about 11
> seconds when the DB4 was turning into the DB5, circa 1963.  That was
> unimaginably quick for those days.  It would be pretty dam' good  
> right now,
> in fact.
> -Shel
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