[rescue] LOPSA @ LISA

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Thu Dec 7 11:09:54 CST 2006

I thought I'd just drop a note to the list about a new-ish
professional organization for SA's.  I had only heard of LOPSA
recently after browsing the LISA '06 web site, and got to attend a
LOPSA BOF last night.

LOPSA, the League of Professional Systems Adminstrators, is actively
campaigning for new members, chapters, affiliate organizations, and
volunteers to assist with their start up activities.

LOPSA seeks to be what SAGE/USENIX can't be to professional SA's due
to the IRS tax status of USENIX and thereby, SAGE.  Specifically,
LOPSA is dedicated to the advancement of the profession of System
Adminstration rather than an organization dedicated to technology and
scientific research.

As an example, there's a leadership committee separate and independent
of the Board of Directors whose mandate is to identify and grow new
leaders inside the organization.

A number of folks involved with the founding of LOPSA are well-known
from the SA community, but there are a number of new faces as well.

Please take a few minutes to have a look at <http://lopsa.org>.


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