[rescue] looking for powermac G4 (or G3) locking plate

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Tue Dec 5 22:45:03 CST 2006

Well... I fixed mine once... needs it again... damn apple and some of 
their cheesy

What I'm referring to is the plastic plate that goes under the 
motherboard that
locks the side of the mac closed...

One for a G4 would be preferred, but a G3 one will do, as it can be modified
to work on a G4 (I have a G3 one I modified in there now... which just broke
after only opening/closing the side a few times since I repaired it last 
<sigh>).  If I had the machinery, I'd machine one out of metal and eliminate
the problem permanently...

If you have one of these, or a G3/G4 you are stripping... let me know what
you'd want for it shipped to zip 02067.

-- Curt

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