[rescue] Power saving modes, was Re: advice on rescuing an e10k

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Tue Dec 5 08:57:04 CST 2006

> Odd.  Mine doesn't.  The exhaust fan only runs when not in powersave
> mode, which interval and delay is settable on the main control panel.
> It draws very little current when idle, and I have the timer set down to
> a low value so it shuts back off quickly after a print job is finished.

Different firmware on the different processor boards on laserjets effect
the features. We had a LaserJet 4SIMX that didn't feature any power
savings, but a cpu board swap or firmware upgrade would have added it.

There were a number of upgrades, but on that particular printer I think it
was an EPROM swap or something.

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