[rescue] Power saving modes, was Re: advice on rescuing an e10k

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Tue Dec 5 09:15:14 CST 2006

Mike F wrote:
> Wesley W. Will wrote:
>>> This is in contrast to my HP LJ4+, which always has an exhaust fan
>>> spinning... 
>> Odd.  Mine doesn't.  The exhaust fan only runs when not in powersave 
>> mode, which interval and delay is settable on the main control panel. 
>> It draws very little current when idle, and I have the timer set down to 
>> a low value so it shuts back off quickly after a print job is finished.
> My LaserJet 4 Plus's fan keeps running in powersave mode - I'd love it
> if the fan spun down in powersave, because as it is I only switch it on
> when I need to use it.

Chalk me up on the "fan off in powersave" side.

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