[rescue] Power saving modes, was Re: advice on rescuing an e10k

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Tue Dec 5 06:36:44 CST 2006

Aaron Finley wrote:
>> I wouldn't mind a 4550 or an 8550 myself.  When the money is there.
>> I've seen their current offerings.  Granted, I hear the toner is a lot
>> cheaper.  But sheesh, they feel so cheap and plasticky ....
> Absolutely. Love the reliability of my 4500.
> I bought it several months ago for $100, as a 4500DN with 500-sheet feeder
> and a duplexer and JetDirect. Good fuser and all toners.
> Sold the feeder, duplexer, and JetDirect for $150 and took apart two more
> 4500s I found for their duplexers/trays, JetDirects, fusers, rollers, and
> toners.

Huh.  I wish I could find a 4500DN for $100.  It could probably replace
both of the printers I have now.

Ceva had a 4500.  Everyone complained that it was slow and took a long
time to start up.  I used it several times and found it no slower than
any other laser printer I'd used.  I think they were just into the
instant-gratification thing.

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