[rescue] Sun Ultra 1 boot failure

Brooke Gravitt gravitt at gmail.com
Mon Dec 4 13:08:18 CST 2006

On 12/4/06, Michael-John Turner <mj at turner.org.za> wrote:
> Setting up a network boot server with tftp, bootp, rarpd, etc is really not
> that bad. One of the best investments of time I've made - makes setting up
> a new machine really quick, and one machine can provide boot services for
> pretty much every platform. My server runs NetBSD, but I'm sure it's about
> the same effort to use Solaris or any other OS.

How about a tutorial? I've wanted to do this myself, but never spent
the time to figure it out. It'd be cool to see the steps involved
documented by one of the listas'.


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