[rescue] Sun ECL cables. Where ?

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Sat Dec 2 03:00:56 CST 2006

On Fri, 1 Dec 2006 09:27:29 +0100
"SP" <caa007216 at ono.com> wrote:

> For this purpose I should need one Sun3 ECL cable, or
> precise instructions to construct one.
>From the text file "sun.hardware.FAQ":
        The monochrome video output levels are ECL/TTL, with a
        resolution of 1152 x 900 at 61.8KHz horizontal sync and 66Hz
        vertical sync. The pinout of the monochrome video connector is:

            1   VIDEO+              6   VIDEO-
            3   HSYNC               7   GND
            4   VSYNC               8   GND
                                    9   GND
You simply need a 1:1 DE9 cable. If the cable is longer then maybe 1'
use a twisted pair for the two video signals. (E.g. Use a CAT5 Ethernet
cable and solder the two wires of a twisted pair to pins 1 and 6. An
other pair to pins 3 and 7 and a third to 4 and 8.)

> In the other hand, the Extron
> devices use to have one 5-bnc output
Extron? URL?

> and I suppose I should need one 5-bnc to vga converter.
Just use a simple "VGA-BNC" cable. there is no magic in that cable. It
just breaks out R/G/B/H/V from the DE15 VGA to individual BNC


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