[rescue] Sun ECL cables. Where ?

SP caa007216 at ono.com
Fri Dec 1 02:27:29 CST 2006

Hello. I'm planning to purchase one Extron device to connect my Sun3 machines
to one VGA monitor. For this purpose I should need one Sun3 ECL cable, or
precise instructions to construct one. In the other hand, the Extron devices
use to have one 5-bnc output (at least as I could see in some of them) and
I suppose I should need one 5-bnc to vga converter. Same case than the ECL

I should agree to know about opinions and experiences related with this
and/or provision of cables and materials related with this.

About the Sunsolve and Manuals, contact me, Chris. All my messages to you
are bounced.


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