[rescue] Netra t1 105 question

Mike F lists at ibrew.net
Tue Aug 29 11:54:03 CDT 2006

Lionel Peterson wrote:
>> You can send a break over the serial console, what terminal emulation 
>> program are you using?
> Hyperterminal on a Win2K box
> I see no evidence the MB is trying to boot - the HD doesn't spin, LEDs don't cycle, etc...
> Lionel
On a side note, for terminal emulation on Windows I've found TeraTerm
Pro to be much more useful than HyperTerminal. It's a free download, and
it's worked for me where HyperTerminal had problems, so it may be worth
a shot. It works at 9600,8,n,1 with VT100 emulation on all of my Suns
and HP/9000s and my Nortel switch.

- Mike

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