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Sun Aug 27 21:19:38 CDT 2006

Forwarded with permission from Ben Stern of the dc-sage list.  I think
he's mostly looking for pick ups, but if you offer him cash, he might
ship.  Please contact Ben directly.


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From: Ben Stern <bstern at electromagnetic.net>
Date: Aug 26, 2006 8:08 PM
Subject: [dc-sage] FTGH: Big Basement Blowout II
To: DC Sage <dc-sage at dc-sage.org>

Held over for another week, it's a huge basement blowout!  Everything must
go!  Prices have been slashed!  Come one, come all!  We're unloading down to
the bare walls!

This list represents everything unclaimed from the first basement blowout,
in random order, as well as all the stuff we found upstairs that needs to
go.  If this stuff isn't picked up before September 9th, 2006, it goes to
the Waste Transfer Station.  This is also the final public list - we are not
going to be unloading any more hardware via mailing lists.

Oh yeah, and it's free, as long as you take it away.

BNC network cable (short)
SBus framebuffer (x4)
Sun A/B 25-pin serial cable
SBus ethernet card
External SCSI CD burner, with power supply
SBus Fibre card
Intel Pentium II 433 w/heat sink and fan
7ft 4-post cabinet, metal, closed, w/fans (take 10-32 screws)
Non-rack-mountable CSU/DSU
PC mini-tower case, hand-painted
PC keyboard (x4)
NCD XTerminal with keyboard and software
Sun Type 5 Keyboard and Mouse
Sun Ultra 5/10 motherboard (x2)
9GB IDE drive for Ultra 5/10
Sun Ultra 2 (x2)
UltraSPARC IIi CPU, suitable for Ultra 5/10 motherboards
Sun Creator3D cards suitable for Ultra 5/10 motherboards
AGP video w/TV out
AT full-DIN keyboard extender (x2)
Sun E220R rack-mount rails
VGA glass monitors - 15", 17", and 21"
PC keyboards (x8)
Tadpole UltraSPARC IIi laptop with power, batteries, etc.
Mice!  Lots of mice!
Cables!  Lots of cables, including:
    * video - VGA (D-Sub, 13W3, BNC)
    * Cisco HSSI
    * silver satin
Sun Audio headers (x3)
CPU fan
PCI NIC (x2)
ISA NIC (x2)
Rack-mountable 8-port KVM (takes normal cables) without rack ears
Cisco ears
Cisco memory suitable for 25xx routers
Cisco 2509 "OOB router"
PCI VGA video card (x2)
IOMega ZIP drive with cables, power, etc.
SGI O200 Rack-mount Shelf
4-way 4U P233 chassis with computers (4 computers in 4 Us)
Dual Pentium motherboard with processors in a nice tall case
AT PC case
DSL Modem (x2)
IDE internal removable disk enclosures (x3)
NetGear 310 NIC
ISA 10Mb NICs (x2)
Sun audio headers (x2) (suitable for SparcStations)
25-pin serial cable extender
9-pin serial cable extender

We're located in beautiful downtown Wheaton, so come on down.  By
appointment only on weeknights after 7 PM and on weekends.

Ben Stern             UNIX & Networks Monkey             bstern at bstern.org
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