[rescue] Sun and Cisco stuff for sale

Jeff Cole jeff at flambe.org
Sun Aug 27 19:21:20 CDT 2006

I need cash, and what better way than selling stuff I don't use anymore?

I haven't any idea of the value of this stuff, so, make a reasonable offer.
I would prefer local pickup around 25401 (Martinsburg, WV), but I'm
willing to meet you anywhere between there and the DC area.

Ultra 2 2x US II 300 Mhz 1.25GB 2x18GB 2xHME 

Ultra 60 US II 360 Mhz 768 MB  1x9GB 1x50GB Creator3D. Missing the part
that covers the area below the cdrom drive.

Sun D1000. Front panel broken but stays on if closed.

Cisco 2500 Series router with 2 serial interfaces. Not sure on the
memory. Never plugged it in, but, was working when I got it.

NM-4A/S. 4-port asynchronous/synchronous serial network module NM-4A/S
(goes in the 2500?)

Cisco 2928 XL 12 port 10/100 switch. No dead ports, not sure on the

It's not working because:  RPC_PMAP_FAILURE

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