[rescue] A real rescue...

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Fri Aug 25 13:12:13 CDT 2006

I would be interested in an Ultra5 w/monitor, Near Santa Cruz. 

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May I discuss the 450 with you? Please?


Doug Simmons

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Hello all,

Well I've just unloaded the van, took an inventory of what I got, and I
thought I'd share the count here. I expect to have many machines
available for the cost of shipping.

Once I go through and assess what I have, I'll post a short note
regarding what, if anything, is available.

For $200 ($100/pallet, I got two pallets - all they had):

26 Ultra 2s (all dual procesors)
7 Ultra 1s
5 Ultra 5s
2 Ultra 10s (One has an Elite3d-m6 framebuffer - it has a daughter card
and two connectors that extend to the back of the case separate from the
4 SPARCStation 5s
2 SPARCServer 5s
1 SPARCStation 20
2 SPARCServer 20s
2 Netra i
1 Netra T 105n (440 MHz & 1024 Meg RAM, no HD)
1 Ultra 450 (no power supplies, one CPU/VRM, 1.5 Gig RAM)
1 Bay Network "something"
1 Cisco "Local Director Series 2" (Celeron ATX PC w/32 Meg RAM, 3 10/100
3 6-drive UltraWide SCSI boxes
2 8mm tape drives (one DL, the other XL)
3 1/4" tape drives
1 ext. HD

Then, for another $84 I got a "loaded" 220r (2x 450 CPUs, 2x 18 Gig HDs,
2 Gig RAM)

Next week I'll test and compress the above into a couple systems for me,
and the rest will most likely be available for a few $ (or free for base
systems w/o CPUs, RAM, or HDs).

The load filled the back of an Enterprise cargo van about 3' high.

My goals were to get some 300 MHz CPUs, some 128 Meg RAM sticks, and
make a few nice Ultra 2s, and get the Netra t 105 and the 220r.
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