[rescue] UPS battery replacement

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Thu Aug 24 11:54:20 CDT 2006

Michael Parson wrote:

[9AHr, 12V Panasonic]

Hmmm... 7.2AHr is a reasonably common size.  Are you sure about
the 9AHr rating?  (dimensions would sort that out for you)

>> Please relay both positive recommendations and any warnings about
>> dodgy sites to avoid off-list and I'll gladly summarize.
> I've bought replacement batteries from both Batteries Plus and
> Interstate Batteries with positive results.  I like to buy them locally,
> since shipping on batteries can be a bitch.  The replacement batteries
> tend to have just a few notches more Ah's than the stock ones.  This is
> not a problem, you just get a few more minutes of backup power. =)

I bought some "BB" batteries *once* and was disappointed with them.
Panasonics have tended to be pretty consistent quality.

Note that if you *prepay* at DigiKey (I don't think a "credit
card" constitutes prepayment!) then shipping is free.  (or, at
least this used to be their policy).  And, buying in quantities
of 10+ is a significant price break (e.g., 10 for the price of 8).

Last I checked, $20/ea was the going rate (so your $157/pack may
still be the better deal)

[make sure you order the correct terminal configuration!!]


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