[rescue] UPS battery replacement

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Thu Aug 24 11:29:10 CDT 2006

Anyone have any recommendations for good suppliers of UPS replacement 
batteries?  I've got two strings (8 batteries each!) in two cabinets for 
an older Best Power Axxium rackmount 3KVA unit that have given me over six 
years of faithful service, but the machine says they're done for... and 
bleeps *incessantly* about it.  (The "alarm silence" button... doesn't.)

These are 9Ah/12V (some Panasonic part #, I think) and the factory list 
(Eaton/Powerware) is $51 each, which is, er, *insane* since I can buy a 
new cabinet _with batteries_ for $179... For now, I've just reconfigured 
two units to use one cabinet apiece with reduced runtime - I don't really 
_need_ two strings on each UPS. :-)  But since they're both about the same 
age, I'm concerned that if the 2nd unit's batts give out, I'll have *two* 
of them start bleep bleep bleeping me.  Every five bleep bleep bleep 
seconds.  Nonstop.  bleep Until I bleep bleep... snap...

Please relay both positive recommendations and any warnings about dodgy 
sites to avoid off-list and I'll gladly summarize.


-- Chris

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