[rescue] Dual headed U10

Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Wed Aug 23 11:01:48 CDT 2006

Thu, 17 Aug 2006 @ 10:46 -0400, Nadine said:

> There are conflicting reports about LCD polarizers (and plastics in
> general) reacting with amonia, isopropyl alcohol, and similar.
> Obviously you have to stay away from things with solvents in
> them--acetone, orange oil, etc.

Isopropyl is the one that is not supposed to react with anything
plastic, which is why it is recommended by Apple.

The primary problem with alcohol is finding pure sources.  A lot of it
has oils or flourocarbons added, so you need to check the label.

I assume a mix of water doesn't hurt, outside of maybe leaving more

> I'm a little fussy about my gear[0], thus I'm conservative about about

Same here, and I really *HATE* people touching screens.  

It sucks to use or view public screens or conference room screens where
people touch them all the time.

I often buy Lysol and other cleaners at keep them at work, and use them
to clean public computer equipment as well as my own.  I wash my hands
several times a day at work, but your equipment still gets dirty even
then.  Just dead skin cell buildup is pretty bad.

It makes a world of difference if you just clean your stuff monthly or

Has anyone out there ever opened up a keyboard after a few years of use?

What really amazes me is the sheer volume of *HAIR* that gets in them,
as well as "dander powder" from dead skin cells.

> cleaning products. I bought a big bottle of iKlear Apple polish.  It
> was pretty pricey, but how much do you really use?  

I finally figured out I can't get a discount on stuff like this...  :)

Of course, some of it is nothing but isopropyl and water, so why pay big
bucks for it?

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