[rescue] SS Voyager cable info sought

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Aug 22 23:01:13 CDT 2006

>>> Is the battery pack assembled with screws?  Or, solvent welded?
>>> I.e. can it easily be disassembled or do you have to resort to a
>>> hot knife?
>> while the power supply has screws the battery pack doesn't have any.

This matches my mains power bricks and battery pack.

> Bummer!  I assume you've poked and prodded it sufficiently to
> convince yourself that the halves are, in fact, "fused" (and not just
> *snapped* together)?

I have just opened one of my mains power bricks, and I can state fairly
definitively that it is *not* glued (solvent welded, whatever)
together; it is merely snapped together.  If you place it so that the
side with all the holes in the metal part is up, then the top piece is
the "shell" and the bottom piece the "plug" - that is, the top piece is
larger than the bottom piece where they overlap.  The top piece has
projections which snap into holes in the bottom piece; careful prying
can disengage them without damage (I wasn't quite caerful enough and I
broke out one of the holes in the bottom piece).

Note that in addition to the obvious four screws, there are two more
screws holding the ten-pin connector to the case.  In the case of mine,
these are not essential to remove, but helpful.  (The connector is
wire-harness connected to the board, but the wires are short.)

My battery pack looks very similarly constructed, but a little cautious
experimentation leads me to suspect that it might indeed be solvent
welded or glued or some such.

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