[rescue] SS Voyager cable info sought

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue Aug 22 20:53:11 CDT 2006

Ron Wickersham wrote:
>>> I'm not sure I would call Voyager "portable" in the sense of using it
>>> without Mains (i.e. on battery).
>> Apparently it's supposed to have some two hours of battery life, which
>> is certainly enough to be useful.
> the battery here doesn't hold a charge, so needs new cells.  if you or
> someone knows which cells to buy to rebuild the pack, i'd like to renew
> the battery pack someday.

Is the battery pack assembled with screws?  Or, solvent welded?
I.e. can it easily be disassembled or do you have to resort to
a hot knife?

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