[rescue] SS Voyager cable info sought

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue Aug 22 20:51:31 CDT 2006

der Mouse wrote:
>> *If* this is the same power module that is used *externally* to
>> charge the battery, then obviously the connector that would normally
>> mate with the Voyager's internal connector has to connect to the
>> battery pack somehow.  (again, I don't have a battery so I can only
>> guess)  I assume a 1:1 cable *if* the battery has a similar connector
>> on the "exposed" end (i.e. the end that is accessible when the
>> battery is *installed* in Voyager).
> Based on superficial examination (casual looking, not detailed
> examination), the connector on the battery pack, the connector on the

Presumably there are *two* connectors on the battery pack?
I.e. how do you attach the "charger" to the battery pack when
the pack is installed (thereby fitting one connector)?

> mains power bricks, and the connector on the back of the machine are
> all identical.  The internal connector that the battery or mains brick
> mates with is presumably the same thing in the other sex.
>>> - It does not even give that pinout completely.  The graphic of the
>>>    connector shows pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, and B, but the pinout
>>>    lists numbers 1 through 10.
>> I think you are looking at the connector pinout [1..10] of the
>> *internal* DC-DC adapter.  Not pertinent.  :>
> Well, it is pertinent if that doc describes either the connector on the
> back of the machine or the connector the batter/powerbrick mates with.

Ah!  I never realized there was a DC inlet on the rear of the
machine!  <:-)  My machine sits up against a wall so the back side
is never visible...

> The graphic in the manual looks enough like the connectors to match up
> to casual inspection.  I need to open the thing up and check whether
> the Jxxxx number matches either of those (just to be sure).

>> I'm not sure I would call Voyager "portable" in the sense of using it
>> without Mains (i.e. on battery).
> Apparently it's supposed to have some two hours of battery life, which
> is certainly enough to be useful.

The point I was making was that the form factor of the Voyager
doesn't lend itself to settings where a "portable" (laptop)
is used.  E.g., any *desk* space that I would set it up on
has a power outlet within 6 feet.  Hard (for me, *here*)
to imagine any place where I wouldn't have power available
to me (even on the back porch, garage, etc.)

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