[rescue] SS Voyager cable info sought

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Aug 22 16:09:17 CDT 2006

> Note that I don't have a battery pack and I am thus unsure if your
> "power brick" is the same as mine...

> My power brick slides *into* the battery compartment on the Voyager.

Yes, so do mine.  (Well, each one fits mechanically.  I haven't
specifically tested to make sure each one works, though I know one
works, ebcause I've run the machine that way.)

> *If* this is the same power module that is used *externally* to
> charge the battery, then obviously the connector that would normally
> mate with the Voyager's internal connector has to connect to the
> battery pack somehow.  (again, I don't have a battery so I can only
> guess)  I assume a 1:1 cable *if* the battery has a similar connector
> on the "exposed" end (i.e. the end that is accessible when the
> battery is *installed* in Voyager).

Based on superficial examination (casual looking, not detailed
examination), the connector on the battery pack, the connector on the
mains power bricks, and the connector on the back of the machine are
all identical.  The internal connector that the battery or mains brick
mates with is presumably the same thing in the other sex.

>> - It does not even give that pinout completely.  The graphic of the
>>    connector shows pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, and B, but the pinout
>>    lists numbers 1 through 10.
> I think you are looking at the connector pinout [1..10] of the
> *internal* DC-DC adapter.  Not pertinent.  :>

Well, it is pertinent if that doc describes either the connector on the
back of the machine or the connector the batter/powerbrick mates with.
The graphic in the manual looks enough like the connectors to match up
to casual inspection.  I need to open the thing up and check whether
the Jxxxx number matches either of those (just to be sure).

> You *should* be able to slip the power pack into Voyager and run it
> off Mains power (in the interim).

Yes.  I can and have.

> I'm not sure I would call Voyager "portable" in the sense of using it
> without Mains (i.e. on battery).

Apparently it's supposed to have some two hours of battery life, which
is certainly enough to be useful.

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