[rescue] SS Voyager cable info sought

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Tue Aug 22 16:01:27 CDT 2006

der Mouse wrote:
>>> [...SPARCstation Voyager...DC power cable...]
>>> Second, absent that, does anyone know the pinout?  I'm not afraid to
>>> bring out those connections on the machine to another, external,
>>> connector, and likewise on the power brick...if I can be confident
>>> I'll be getting the pinout right.
>> Have you pulled down the Voyager manual from sun.com?
> I have a copy of 801-3872-12 ("SPARCstation Voyager Service Manual").

That sounds right...

> It has a section on pinouts.  But....
> - This gives the pinout of the "external battery connector".  It does
>    not give the pinout of the cable, or of the (superficially
>    physically identical) connector on the mains power brick.

Note that I don't have a battery pack and I am thus unsure if
your "power brick" is the same as mine...

My power brick slides *into* the battery compartment on the
Voyager.  The "funny connector" (well, actually, BOTH connectors
are "funny"... the AC inlet is a two pin connector that almost
looks like a figure-eight in cross section  :-/ ) mates to the
connector in the bowels of the Voyager.  A power cord
(off-the-shelf... though nowhere near as common as the cords
you would find on, e.g., a "regular" SPARCstation) plugs into
the opposite end (the power module is held in place by a
door on the left end of the Voyager base).

*If* this is the same power module that is used *externally*
to charge the battery, then obviously the connector that
would normally mate with the Voyager's internal connector
has to connect to the battery pack somehow.  (again, I don't
have a battery so I can only guess)  I assume a 1:1 cable
*if* the battery has a similar connector on the "exposed"
end (i.e. the end that is accessible when the battery is
*installed* in Voyager).

> - It does not even give that pinout completely.  The graphic of the
>    connector shows pins 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, A, and B, but the pinout
>    lists numbers 1 through 10.

I think you are looking at the connector pinout [1..10] of the
*internal* DC-DC adapter.  Not pertinent.  :>

> Is this the manual you were talking about?  It's the only Sun doc on
> the Voyager I've found a copy of so far.

I'll look through my archive and see what the P/N is -- but I
suspect you have what I have (barring any differences in

You *should* be able to slip the power pack into Voyager and
run it off Mains power (in the interim).  I'm not sure I would
call Voyager "portable" in the sense of using it without Mains
(i.e. on battery).  Sun called it "nomadic" -- which I equate
more with "you can tote it from one place to another much
easier than a "real" SPARCstation.


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