[rescue] q on G4 "Digital Audio" and screen res

Clemson, Chris Chris.Clemson at softwareag.co.uk
Tue Aug 22 03:10:39 CDT 2006

> On a similar note, I have a radius color calibrator that I
> lost thte s/w
> for, does anybody have a disk or the files lying around?

Hi, I have one called "Radius PrecisionColor Calibrator" that comes with
an 800k Mac format disk.
Is this what you need?
It says it has a "Site Licence" which permits up to 5 displays to be
calibrated, which seems a bit lame.
Dunno where this info is stored or how many are left.

Unfortunately I don't actually have a mac with a disk drive, so I will
have to find someone local to copy it if it's the right one.


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