[rescue] SS Voyager cable info sought

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Mon Aug 21 15:14:32 CDT 2006

Thanks to a list-acquaintance's kindness, I now have a SPARCstation
Voyager.  It's a really nice little machine.

But!  (You knew there would be a "but", didn't you? :)

I have two mains power bricks and one battery pack, all suitable for
fitting into the power compartment.  But I have no way to charge the
battery.  Based on what doc I have, I gather this would normally be
done by putting the battery in the machine and connecting a cable
between a mains power brick and a connector on the back of the machine,
powering the machine and charging the battery at the same time.  (I
speculate that I could also connect directly to the battery, to charge
it in isolation, but that's speculation.)

However, I don't have that cable, and the person who sent me the
machine tells me he never had it either.

First, then, does anyone have such a cable looking for a home?  (I
don't really expect any;one does, but would feel stupid if I didn't ask
and it turned out someone did. :-)

Second, absent that, does anyone know the pinout?  I'm not afraid to
bring out those connections on the machine to another, external,
connector, and likewise on the power brick...if I can be confident I'll
be getting the pinout right.

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