[rescue] Processor choice

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Sat Aug 19 07:51:09 CDT 2006

On Aug 18, 2006, at 14:44, Mark KAHRS wrote:

> OK, I'd like to get a Solaris machine that runs tex/latex for my
> uncle (a retired physics professor).  Further, I'd like him to be
> able to use his Windoze laptop to log into the said machine (and
> get graphical output on the Windoze machine).

You can get an X11 server from cygwin. This is what I'd do - I  
wouldn't bother with having to open a VNC session. You don't have to  
install cygwin to use the cygwin X server, either:

  - Micah

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