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On Thu, Aug 17, 2006 at 10:37:14AM -0400, velociraptor wrote:
> But if you are just doing DOS stuff you can run DOSBox on PPC...it's
> not like performance is going to be an issue.  (Which reminds me, I
> still need to try X-Com under DOSBox on OS X).
> Yes, I'm being a killjoy, I know.  I can't help it, I hate seeing my
> PPCs become obsolete as an oldskool Mac user--it's not about
> architecture bias for me, it's just a little nostalgia for a passing
> era (but hey props to Apple for a full architecture conversion in 210
> days).

I've had good luck running DOSEMU under linux under QEMU. I assume you
could just bypass the linux entirely and just run freedoss. There
are also two other emulators DOSBox, which Nadine mentions and BOCHs,
each of which has it's own good and bad points. 

There is also SoftPC and VirtualPC, though they cost money and one of them
is owned by MicroSoft. They bought it to include X-Box support in the 
X-Box 360. I don't have one, so I have no idea if they were sucessfull or 


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