[rescue] Dual headed U10

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Wed Aug 16 17:13:16 CDT 2006

> The way computer LCDs look outside of native resolution is what bugs
> me.

It bugs me too.

Back when LCD flatscreens were new, I saw several that all had a way to
tell the screen "don't rescale; display screen pixel = display pixel
even if it means a black border".  It's discouraging to see that this
seems to ahve fallen by the wayside; as you say, scaling by a
non-integer factor produces a crap display.

Despite that, I'll probably buy myself one soon simply because they are
so much crisper.  I have a window using a 5x7 character cell.  On a CRT
that is only barely readable; on the LCD, it's fine - and the CRT has
the physically larger screen of those.

But I'm not going to be getting rid of the CRTs, no sirree bob.  Just
replacing the routine-use CRT with an LCD for, well, routine use.

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