[rescue] Dual headed U10

Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Wed Aug 16 15:59:36 CDT 2006

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006, Bill Bradford wrote:
> The last CRT left in the house here is a 19" TV that my wife uses in the
> "office" to watch tennis matches.  I'm tempted to find a composite-video-to-
> VGA box and replace it with on of the 18.1" Sun LCDs I have spare [0].

I still have my 35" CRT TV because it looks great.  I've looked at bigger screens
but most of them either look like ass, cost too much (up front and/or down the road),
or require lighting levels or viewing angles I don't like or can't provide.  A friend
got an HDTV rear projection a couple of years ago in the 55" range and proudly showed
it to me but I opted to be polite.  I'm not
up on the latest names for the competing technologies but there is definitely a
VAST difference between them all and they've progressed in the last couple of years.
When I move (hopefully soon) I'll re-visit this for my new living room.  An overhead
projector is my leading choice right now if the room will handle it.  A friend of mine
had a living with a very narrow stretch of floor but about waist level the room widened
considerably over a knee wall and stairwell and the far wall was far enough out and
big enough for a perfect projection screen.  I want something like that or maybe
I'll just wait for OLED.  I'm hoping OLED can finally reach my ideal of a nearly seamless
modular screen where I can hang an NxN grid of modular panels on the wall and
connect them a video unit that can make the picture fit it.  Say I can afford or
fit 3x3 and then later I can upgrade to 4x4 and toggle between watching my movies
in 4x4 or watching them in 3x3 with 7 other panels I can use for email, weather,
or something or do 3x4 with a primary 3x3 and 3 other panels.  Talk about
picture-in-picture from hell...


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