[rescue] non-Sun cg6?

Janet Campbell janet at foonly.com
Tue Aug 15 17:01:17 CDT 2006

On Tue, 15 Aug 2006, der Mouse wrote:

> But that is the only place I can find anything Sun about it, and the
> barcode sticker says I55031616, not the 501 number I'd expect to see on
> a Sun sticker.  (That's also what the barcode itself says; I found a
> barcode scanner and checked.)  This leads me to suspect that it's a
> third-party card.  Also, the component side says
> "INTEGRIX TGX220 Rev C" in the top etch.

Integrix made third-party Sun-compatible hardware, including servers and 
peripheral cards.  That board is almost certainly a TGX+ clone, which has 
more memory (usually 4MB) for higher resolution and double-buffering. 
They made the boards but got most of the silicon on them from Sun.

> forgery of Sun's logo, or what?  (I ask because it's the only cg6 I've
> found capable of finer resolution than 1152x900, and I'd sorta like to
> find more; knowing the provenance of this one could help make that
> happen.)

Sun TGX+ cards are also out there, but they're less common than the 1MB 
TGX ones.  Look for 501-2253 or 501-2955.  GX+ cards also have 4MB but 
they're slower and support fewer resolutions, look for 501-1717, 501-2018 
or 501-2039.

Look for "TGX+", "Turbo GX+", or some similar permutation.


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