[rescue] non-Sun cg6?

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Tue Aug 15 13:52:54 CDT 2006

I've got an SBus card which shows up as a cgsix and works, as far as I
can tell, like one.  It even has the Sun logo on its "big chip" (also
marked "TURBOXGX").

But that is the only place I can find anything Sun about it, and the
barcode sticker says I55031616, not the 501 number I'd expect to see on
a Sun sticker.  (That's also what the barcode itself says; I found a
barcode scanner and checked.)  This leads me to suspect that it's a
third-party card.  Also, the component side says
"INTEGRIX TGX220 Rev C" in the top etch.

Anyone know whether this is Sun experimenting with non-501 card
numbering, or a third-party card maker using Sun chips, or some kind of
forgery of Sun's logo, or what?  (I ask because it's the only cg6 I've
found capable of finer resolution than 1152x900, and I'd sorta like to
find more; knowing the provenance of this one could help make that

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