[rescue] G4 pricing

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon Aug 14 16:54:21 CDT 2006

velociraptor wrote:
> On 8/14/06, Jonathan C. Patschke <jp at celestrion.net> wrote:
>> That particular machine has -really slow- IDE.  Think "blue and white G3
>> with a G4 chip crammed in there".  It has a healthy amount of storage,
>> so $350 is probably a -decent- price for it, but it's just such a
>> lopsided configuration.
> Find out the models of the HDs.  I believe Deathstars are stock, so
> that might be something for pushing down price.
> You could easily fix up the IDE slowness issue for <$50 with an IDE card.
> Another thing to find out (I discovered this the hard way) is whether
> the FW ports are working.  FW bus problems are common PowerMacs and
> problems with FW ports often result in problems with PCI slots.  My
> on-board FW is dead, and one of my PCI slots is dead as well.

By the sound of it, we just don't really want to touch this one.

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