[rescue] compaq external drive array

alex at lava-net.com alex at lava-net.com
Sun Aug 13 10:24:48 CDT 2006


Got ahold of an old compaq external drive array that I'm trying to 
identify.  It doesn't seem to have a model number on it, just says 
Compaq Proliant on the front door.  It seems to be mid 90s vintage, 
holds 7 68-pin (?) hdds, and has a 68 pin SCSI connecter on it.

My first question is, does anyone know what this could be? even a series 
would be a good start...
Next, how do keys for this work? the door was locked when I got it and 
it didn't come with a key...the lock has resisted all attempts to be 
opened, and you can't even get to the back of it to unscrew the cylinder 
if you take the sides off the case.  The lock is a real lock, not one of 
those fake ones you can open with a screwdriver.  Would this be a one 
key fits all situation or would each individual unit have it's own key?

Also, there appears to be a monitoring component in it (seen from the 
output of the DAC960 driver in linux).  Anyone know of any software 
unix or windows to make use of this?

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