[rescue] WTB: Cisco C3524 and C3512

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Thu Aug 10 04:08:42 CDT 2006

On Wed, Aug 09, 2006 at 09:00:56PM -0400, Eric Webb wrote:
> My main frontend is a wimpy EPIA M10000, which unfortunately isn't fanless and 
> a little hotter than I'd like with its own drive.  But I can't hear it when 
> it's in the rack, and is doing playback completely in CPU behaves pretty 
> well.  Not perfect, but 95% of perfect I'd say.  Setting up the EPIA boards 
> was a big PITA by itself, and I still don't think I'm taking advantage of any 
> of the hardware acceleration for playback.    Maybe that's my fault for 
> trying to stick with Slackware.  Maybe I should rebuild it now, as it's been 
> about a year and a half since I put it together and we hope a lot happens in 
> a year of open-source driver development?

This is a bad time to do any thing. Replacing the MythTV software would be
a good idea if you need it updated. There were lots of improvments including
a nice web interface.

HOWEVER the recording part sucks. It's not the developer's fault, mostly
it works, so he didn't fix it. What happened was the sound drivers changed
in the Kernel and he did not keep up (going from OSS to ALSA) in the record
function. Normally this would be ok, but the "newish" Kernels dropped 
OSS compatability to the point that most things don't work, e.g.
Myth, and VLC with some cards. 

I was able to get mencoder and TVtime to work, but then sound comes out
of the speakers while I am playing (which is ok) and recording (which it is

The latest Kernels had the old comaptibilty code re-added as a config option,
but it does not work. 

IMHO it's best to wait for Myth to catch up and convert recording to ALSA.


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