[rescue] WTB: ram for sun blade 100 or 150

Arthur Wouk awouk at nilenet.com
Mon Aug 7 18:53:26 CDT 2006

i've gotten my sunblade 100 hoing with both an ide drive and a scsi
drive (run from the sym228-1 controller board). in order to get ram for
it i had to buy a second 100  to add to the original 128mb module and
the only 512mb module for sale on ebay at a rational price. so now i
have one fine blade with 1536mb ram, which is really fast. the second
blade came with two 512mb modules, and the total price for the whole
system was less than the price asked for any module on ebay.

so now i have a second blade 100, but it has only 128mb ram, so is
really useless, unless someone has some  more ram to sell or trade.

i could trade a couple of sparcstation 2s (one with weitek chip, both
with 98mb ram), or sparcstation 10s, with 512mb ram and various
configurations of processors including two dual hypersparc systems (150
and 125mhz) and one dual m71 system. lots of 4gig and 9gig drives to go
with these.

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