[rescue] WTB: Cisco C3524 and C3512

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Aug 7 17:48:09 CDT 2006

> Then why not call it the machine room or office.  Although it doesn't
> sound like a very nice office to me.  In my prefered house, the two
> would be seperated, with multiple strands of cat5E, coax, and fiber
> connecting the two.  If I really had the money to spare, it would be all
> fiber.

It's an apartment. Priced out of houses in my market (well, I could have a
house if I was stupid and got a funky loan... but those funky loans are
what is going to return lots of houses to the market).

So yea, in my dream world I'd have a house with a garage, with a raised
floor and stuff out there. I'm pretty much getting rid of some ISP stuff
I'm doing. 45mbps in my market is minimum $5000, towards $8000. In DC @
Cogent, It's $2k advertised with 100mbps and a full rack.

My goals are to move the customers I want to keep to home, where I can get
a business cablemodem (don't laugh, the uptimes are about par with the DS1
circuit I get from the same company handed off on SONET .... only, 1/5th
the cost for more bandwidth (5 megabits down, 2 megabits up).

I'm going to transfer my class C to a friends place, where he has a DS3
from the same provider, and colocate a single 1u box to handle name
service and perhaps some email.

So I go from having a $650 power bill + $600 bandwidth bill, to having
$220 in bandwidth (with much more), and perhaps $100 in power.

The Cisco 5513 goes in storage, the 4500s go in storage, the 7513 goes in
storage. UPS is up for sale.

I'm thinking about getting a higher end 1u box or two and using VMWare or
such to handle the windows people.

If they have an issue with being on a cablemodem, they can go pay real

So for now, I'm looking for a 2924 or 3524 (looks like 2924-XL-EN at this

And a job too. Since the small company I was working for let me go, but I
was going to quit anyways since they were pretty much abusing our
relationship. I'm not so much worried about the job.

And I *can't wait* for the housing market to collapse.
www.thehousingbubbleblog.com is the best site ever.

I told the landlord that I was preparing to get rid of my office and they
started humping my leg. I guess they either realize they are going to see
a high number of vacancies due to real-estate related business slowing
down, or they are already seeing this.

But as far as multimode fiber to every room, I know a couple that have it.
It can be done cheap, you can get a spool of fiber on feebay for next to
nothing. If your involved with the local IT community you should be able
to find students or young kids doing cabling with access to termination
kit, if you don't have it yourself (I used to have access, but that was
years ago).

Unfortunately, in the apartment, without getting in trouble, I'm very
limited in how much power is availible to me.

I'm pushing the city... I'm trying to park www.757truck.com in a city lot
near my apartment where I can use wireless to talk to it... and run it at
night. That could possibly generate enough money to get a cooler space,
and pay for the colocation in DC. We will see. It will eat projector bulbs
though, and require a very quiet, small generator (not hard to find) with
electric start (hard to find).

			-- Ethan

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