[rescue] (Offtopic) X-Message-Flag fun for Outlook users

Phil Stracchino phil.stracchino at speakeasy.net
Mon Aug 7 05:42:11 CDT 2006

Dan Duncan wrote:
> On Sun, 6 Aug 2006, Charles Shannon Hendrix wrote:
>> The only thing that will fix it is changes to all MTAs, and make them
>> strict, and find a way to truly hurt the spammers.
> That's why I like the idea of prison time for spammers...
> "The reason you're being raped in the shower is because you've opted in
> to be raped in the shower.  If you prefer not to be raped in the shower,
> please talk to Bubba over there."  (Bubba will of course merely subject
> you to more shower rape.)


I like it.  :)

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