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Charles Shannon Hendrix shannon at widomaker.com
Tue Aug 1 13:31:23 CDT 2006

Sat, 29 Jul 2006 @ 14:18 -0700, Devin L. Ganger said:

> I haven't seen any other company doing nearly as much as Microsoft has
> in the last three years to offer training, solutions, and guidance to
> its customers on how security impacts every level of computing, from
> design to deployment to operations. 

That's an odd thing to say, given that Microsoft has done the *least* of
almost any other entity in the last 20 years about security.

Also, for all their recent talk about security--and you are right about
them at least appearing to get serious about it--they continue to do
almost nothing *REAL* about the problem.

Take a good look at Windows XP: full of holes on release, and most of
them are still there, and that's before getting into things like, oh,
NTFS having 15 year old bugs in it.

If Microsoft were truly trying, don't you think they'd be shipping
better product by now, especially when a lot of the needed fixes are
fairly simple?

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