[rescue] Solaris on MacBookPro?

Jack Delany jjdelany at daylight.com
Tue Aug 1 10:01:18 CDT 2006

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>> Lionel Peterson wrote:
>>> Looks neat, and I agree - Solaris on x86 Mac hardware would be cool -
>>> esp. the Mac Mini (the new LX?), iMac (The new ELC?), and the laptops
>>> (but what about wireless?)...
>> http://www.opensolaris.org/os/community/laptop/wireless/ath/
>> the new Airport extreme in the x86 Mac's are Atheros based cards :)
> Cool - now, will VM Ware port their VM Player to Mac OS/X or support OS/X as
> a virtual machine? That would be fun...

As an alternate approach, Parallels Desktop works great...


One of my colleagues has tested it with several Linuxes, Solaris,
Windows XP Pro, one of the BSDs (I forget which).  He has yet to
run into any problems with it.

MacOS boots normally, then you can start/stop virtual machines
for whichever other OSes you want.  No messing with bootcamp.

Jack D.

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