[rescue] Recent items rescued

Steven Hill sjh at waroffice.net
Sun Apr 30 16:40:08 CDT 2006

> I've got a bit of a write up on the IBM 3420/3803 rescue I did this past
> week up finally.  There's more info I hope to post, but this is what
> I've got processed so far...
> http://computer-refuge.org/compcollect/ibm/3420/

Now that's cool. Takes me back to my summer spent as a dinosaur herder 
on a 3090-200J. We had 4 of those 3420s - very nice to use. Not so nice 
schlepping the tapes about though.

I often though about converting one into a drinks cabinet (and putting a 
much smaller tape drive in the bottom of the unit...


Steven Hill

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