[rescue] Supported PCI cards under Solaris/sparc (official or otherwise)

Matthew Weigel unique at idempot.net
Sun Apr 30 01:43:12 CDT 2006

Micah R Ledbetter wrote:

> Firewire - Unless it's built in to your machine like the Blade 100  
> and up, there seem to be no third-party options. I don't care about  
> booting from it, I just want to attach drives to it.

My reading of the Internet Oracle was different - I thought I saw 
(although I can't confirm now) that people were happily using the Belkin 
F5U508 USB2.0/Firewire card was supported in Solaris/sparc.  Certainly 
it's on my list of PCI cards to grab for my E-250.

> 802.11g, and 11b as a lesser choice - Haven't actually done much  
> research here yet, as it's fairly low on the list, but I'm still  
> curious.

You can get 802.11b<->ethernet bridges for $40-50 last I checked... 
screw the PCI cards.

> it. http://www.unixzone.dk/unix/20060218/sata-on-sparc-solaris/

Yep, been eyeing that myself, if I want better performance than the 
above-mentioned Firewire card can provide.
  Matthew Weigel

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