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Dan Duncan dand at pcisys.net
Sun Apr 30 00:11:16 CDT 2006

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006 Javi Mahai <lefa at ucsc.edu>@ucsc.edu wrote:
> called us from his cell, he was all extatic: He had found
> a jerk (a late model big ass SUV) parked across 3
> different handicap slots. This idiot did such a horrible
> parking job that his car had literally took over the 3
> handicap slots that were parallel to each other in that
> specific corner of the parking structure. He had no
> handicap plates/permit... and my friend was just static
> about it, since he made the point of giving 3 parking
> tickets... with a hefty fine associated with each ticket.
> On top of that, the jerk had a few unpaid tickets on
> record with the campus folk, so the car got one of those
> fancy yellow boots that need to be removed once the
> tickets are payed and that disable the car from moving.

So.... instead of preventing handicapped people from using
those 3 spaces for however long the jerk was shopping, your
friend prevented handicapped people from using those 3 spaces
for even longer...

How many tickets did your rocket scientist of a friend give
himself for that one?

> I drive a small sports car, my all time favourite thing is
> to see every big honking SUV park around me in the
> "compact" zone... pulling out of a busy parking area with
> 0 side visibility is "oh so much fun!"

My wife told me a story yesterday.  A couple of weeks ago she
came out of the grocery store and there was a black SUV parked
so far into her space she couldn't open the door.  It was
freezing outside and she had our 6 month old baby with her.
She put the baby in the car seat from the passenger side and
started the engine to keep the baby warm, but she can't climb
into the driver's seat from the passenger seat.  (combination
of bad back and poor center console design)

So she waited for the guy to come back out of the store.
22 minutes later, he came out to a tongue lashing that
started with "I hope you get dick cancer" and touched on
various other things about how long she'd been waiting,
how inconsiderate he was, how no amount of apologies or
excuses were adequate, etc, and didn't end until he FLED
the parking lot.

I wonder if he'll ever do that again?

She said she'd been too embarassed to tell me unti yesterday.

I replied that it's really too bad he was alone, since he wasn't shamed
in front of anyone he knew.  I suggested next time she should
keep a camera handy and get a good picture showing the vehicle
over the line and blocking her door.  Then just run the plates
and mail a picture and letter to every one on his block explaining
how he prevented a poor baby's mother from getting her home for her
nap.  Bonus points if you can figure out where he works and let his
cow-orkers know too.


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