[rescue] Supported PCI cards under Solaris/sparc (official or otherwise)

Micah R Ledbetter vlack-lists at vlack.com
Sat Apr 29 19:14:17 CDT 2006

I'm scouring the web for supported cards that work under Solaris/ 
sparc, and for some reason its just painful to squeeze any  
information out of this here interweb. I'm trying to find the  
following types of devices:

Firewire - Unless it's built in to your machine like the Blade 100  
and up, there seem to be no third-party options. I don't care about  
booting from it, I just want to attach drives to it.

USB2 - I've read that any USB2 card based on NEC UPD720101 should  
work fine. I don't care about booting from this, either; I don't know  
if the NEC chipset is supported as bootable on sparc, but I doubt it,  
just because it would have to provide OpenBoot firmware.

802.11g, and 11b as a lesser choice - Haven't actually done much  
research here yet, as it's fairly low on the list, but I'm still  

SATA, and PATA as a lesser choice  - you can get this SAS controller,  
which supports SATA drives. Of course, Froogle lists it as at LEAST  
$250, and this link says it's $350. This is not an option - I'm  
putting this card in an Ultra 5, I think, and I'm not going to spend  
more than the machine is worth :P. I don't care about booting from  
it. http://www.unixzone.dk/unix/20060218/sata-on-sparc-solaris/

For some reason, the only options seem to be Solaris/x86, or [BSD| 
Linux]/sparc. Argh! I don't see why Solaris shouldn't support the  
same devices across architectures, even if you can't boot from them  
across architectures, which obviously requires the firmware that's  
actually on the card to be different.

As far as I can tell, nothing has been done (or at least, nothing has  
been finished) in OpenSolaris to this effect, but I'm not really up  
to speed on OpenSolaris, so someone correct this if I'm wrong.

  - Micah

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