[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Peter Corlett abuse at cabal.org.uk
Sat Apr 29 18:45:11 CDT 2006

Don Y <dgy at DakotaCom.Net> wrote:
> Heh heh heh... "cool" and S Az just don't go hand in hand! :> And, with
> the swamp cooler on, the butter would be sitting in a pool of water (VERY
> high RH).

Well, the Great British Weather has everything sat in pools of water too,
but for other reasons...

>> Talking about wasting energy in fridges, I'm rather astounded that my new
>> fridge-freezer[0] claims it consumes 2,000 units per year (or about 160
> What are "units"? Here, electric power is measured in KW-Hrs (e.g., 1W for
> 1000Hrs, 1000W for 1Hr, etc.)

A "unit" is 1kWh, and costs about GBP0.07-0.08.

So the fridge bumph implies that it averages about 250W of consumption,
which seems excessive given its duty cycle and the claimed "B" energy rating
(i.e. not far off optimal). I shall have to wave my energy meter at it at
some point to see if this is for real.

It is possible that somebody has taken the current consumption figures for
the 110V model and multipied it by 230V.

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