[rescue] Overly complex devices, was LCDs or butter

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Sat Apr 29 18:46:02 CDT 2006

Geoffrey S. Mendelson wrote:
> Instead of a device to heat the butter in the refigerator so that it spreads
> easily, why not put it in the door and then use less insulation? To regulate
> coldness you could have a little vent flap that can be adjusted to let more
> cold air in when it is warmer outside.

That's probably a *great* idea!  Insulate the door to the
butter compartment reasonably well (to keep the refrigerator's
overall efficiency from suffering) and adjust an *exterior*
door to allow more warm air in (?)

I guess when it's 80 degrees in the house, the butter might want to
be able to benefit from some of that "cold"...  ("Ah, but it's
a DRY heat...")

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