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Sat Apr 29 18:13:35 CDT 2006

On Sat, 29 Apr 2006 20:50:23 +0100
  Mike Meredith <very at zonky.org> wrote:

> It seems that chronic laziness and a tendancy not to 
>give a flying fsck
> about anyone else is quite widespread. It's not just 
>handicap parking
> spots they target ... they'll park anywhere where it 
>could save them a
> few minutes or (horrors!) a little walk. Blocking 
>pavements (sidewalks)
> with Chelsea tractors (SUVs) is common ... many 
>pedestrians can't
> clamber over one of those (I haven't yet, but I have 
>been tempted to
> stomp my size-12 boots over the top of one). 

During my undergrad times a friend worked a few weeks at 
the campus parking office (making him one of the most 
hated persons on earth for a few days), anyhow. One day he 
called us from his cell, he was all extatic: He had found 
a jerk (a late model big ass SUV) parked across 3 
different handicap slots. This idiot did such a horrible 
parking job that his car had literally took over the 3 
handicap slots that were parallel to each other in that 
specific corner of the parking structure. He had no 
handicap plates/permit... and my friend was just static 
about it, since he made the point of giving 3 parking 
tickets... with a hefty fine associated with each ticket. 
On top of that, the jerk had a few unpaid tickets on 
record with the campus folk, so the car got one of those 
fancy yellow boots that need to be removed once the 
tickets are payed and that disable the car from moving. I 
wish I had had more free time to wait for the owner of the 
car and see his reaction, all I can think of was that 
karma payed back in a big installment to that person that 

I drive a small sports car, my all time favourite thing is 
to see every big honking SUV park around me in the 
"compact" zone... pulling out of a busy parking area with 
0 side visibility is "oh so much fun!"

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