[rescue] cassette?

Wesley Will wwill at siu.edu
Sat Apr 29 17:50:58 CDT 2006

>>image is drugs?

>Doobie = reefer = joint = etc....

Not exactly, but in general.  Doobie = reefer = joint but in a specific (very chubby) form.  "Burning down a fat one" comes from smoking a doobie.

Not as specific form as a "spliff" though, which is conical and reminiscent of the Slavic "paperosy" style of tobacco cigarette.

And no, I don't smoke anything, tobacco, pot, or otherwise.  I find the thought of inhaling the toxic and carcinogenic combustion by-products of some broadleaf weed through a paper tube to be silly at best, nauseating at worst.  Becoming addicted to it (tobacco) or allowing it to mess with my life (marijuana, and we all know someone whose only ambition is chips, brownies and the next bong) seems to be the most insensible of ideas.

w will

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