[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

der Mouse mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA
Fri Apr 28 22:00:09 CDT 2006

> <grin>  What you need to try is getting of the motorcycle at your
> destination, removing your helmet and then reaching for a collapsible
> WHITE CANE which you methodically unfold...

I know someone who is documented as blind - apparently her optic nerves
simply don't work - but who has good enough magesight that when she
wants to be, she is effectively sighted.  I've played cards with her,
for example, using a normal deck.  (I'm convinced it's magesight, at
least partially, rather than simply fooling the testers, because I've
also been present when she's seen through opaque objects.)  She does
tend to carry a folding white cane, and even uses it sometimes.

Provided it's not raining (water ruins her magesight), she probably
could drive safely, given a bit of practice.  More safely than most, in
fact, because she can see around corners.  (But of course the driver
licensing authorities are unlikely, to say the least, to admit the
possibility...for that matter, half of you are probably convinced I've
been bamboozled by a con, at this point.)

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