[rescue] cassette?

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Apr 28 18:19:10 CDT 2006

Don Y wrote:
> Ethan O'Toole wrote:
>>> That was the point of my question.  I have several different
>>> machines available to choose from.  Each has different audio
>>> hardware -- and also different levels of fan noise, etc.
>>> (e.g., laptop runs the CPU fan based on CPU temperature
>>> so it is an intermittent noise... which might be better or worse
>>> than a "steady state" noise source; some of the servers
>>> are so damn noisey that you can't hear yourself *think*
>>> when they are on -- so adding audio hardware to them is
>>> foolish).
>> Do you have a SGI Indy laying around? They have very nice sound hardware,
>> and are pretty quiet (the disk would be the loudest part).
> Indy is the red or the *blue* one?  I think I have a blue SGI
> box... I had problems trying to get it to boot (headless).
> Heard the tones on power up but couldn't figure out how to
> get a serial console running...  :-(
> I also have the VW320 which *seems* to have good audio...
> but loud fan(s).
> An assortment of SPARC boxen... SS5, SS20, U1, etc. but I
> think they all want to run Solaris to make proper use of
> their audio hardware.
> And, a GUS MAX and a GUS PnP which are good for *playing*
> sounds but no idea how good they are at recording.
> Plus laptops with dubious "consumerish" audio...  :-(
> Anything else is not intended for use with audio (servers)

I forgot that I also have a few Apples lying around.
I think a Beige G3 and an 840AV (which *should* have decent

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