[rescue] LCD monitor diagnosis

Don Y dgy at DakotaCom.Net
Fri Apr 28 16:07:31 CDT 2006

Wesley Will wrote:
>>> no actual pain involved.  Makes it hard for those who are truely
>>> suffering.
>> Well, yeah.  Gaming the system is always a bad thing.
> Tell me about it.  Campus parking, scarce, somewhat expensive
> (stickers annually, and price goes up every year).  Plenty of
> handicapped spots.  Plenty of (truly) handicapped staff, students,
> faculty using them.  And some gamers. One was a daughter of a police
> chief in a local area town, about as un-handicapped as a young
> gazelle.  Campus parking Gestapo won't tow her off the Handi spots
> because daddy's a cop....  Plenty more examples, and worse.

My solution when I happen to be walking past someone entering/exiting
their vehicle in such a spot is to smile, disarmingly, and casually
say, "I hope some day you NEED that spot." and keep smiling and
walking.  It usually takes them a few moments to realize that
I have not wished them well!

OTOH, moves here to tie the handicap "tags" to a particular
*person* (i.e. if this PERSON is not in the vehicle, then
you can not use these spots) have met resistance.  <shrug>
Sooner or later, there will be a backlash and then they
will wonder why the handicapped spots are being located
in inconvenient areas (further from the front door).

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